Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1

Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2018-02-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 9
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99


Celebrity Big Brother is the first celebrity edition of reality hit Big Brother and follows a group of celebrities living together in a house outfitted with 87 HD cameras and more than 100 microphones, recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week, someone will be voted out of the house, with the last remaining Houseguest receiving a grand prize.


Title Time Price
1 Episode 1 44:39 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Episode 2 43:58 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Episode 3 1:27:09 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Episode 4 43:36 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Episode 5 44:24 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
6 Episode 6 43:57 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
7 Episode 7 1:27:05 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
8 Episode 8 43:18 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
9 Episode 9 43:20 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes



  • Self aware people who are celebs! Give me more!

    By BloopBlonk
    Best season of big brother in at least the last 12 years! These are the most self aware people who they know have a lot to risk on the outside and the live feeds provide a great and necessary companion piece to view. Best big brother season since season 10! Great job CBS!
  • Deja vu?

    By MelDear
    This is just the Surreal Life with a different name. I’d rather see a full Survivor cast reshoot in the Big Brother house or vise versa. These are low level celebrities for a reason. (Not you, Brandi) Ho-hum. 😴
  • Yass

    By TheGamer109999999
    Cast is iffy... but it’s Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, how can it not be good???💯💯📺 Update: LOVING ROSS SO MUCH😂❤️❤️
  • iTunes makes you wait days

    By Southpaw33
    Episodes are often unavailable until up to two days after it airs. Not cool for the price.
  • Episode 3?

    By gatoral
    Where is it?
  • B.B.

    By Awe sauna
  • Really?! Omarosa?

    By VG's chair
    The mood in the house was dire when Omarosa walked in. How ironic that 30 minutes in she has the first "safety" and can't be voted out the first week. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but, come on! tell me this isn't a set up and fixed from day one by the producers.