Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

By Dan Gilroy

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-11-17
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 2min
  • Director: Dan Gilroy
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


Roman J. Israel, Esq. is a dramatic thriller set in the overburdened Los Angeles criminal court system. Denzel Washington stars as a driven, idealistic defense attorney whose life is disrupted when a turbulent series of events challenge the activism that has defined his career. Colin Farrell costars as the ambitious, monied lawyer who recruits Roman to his firm.



  • Good

    By lilduderob
    I actually really enjoyed it. I didn’t love the ending but, I thought the story was very good. Denzel is a terrific actor in everything he does. This is an example that you might not get the best movie but, you will get great acting. Thank you Denzel.
  • Compelling and Timely

    By Kimberlg
    Charisma vs. courage. Purity vs. pragmatism. How committed are we to our convictions? Some of the dichtomies and questions beautifully posed in Roman J. Israel, Esq. Elevated by an indelible, gut-wrenching performance by Denzel Washington, and surpisingly nuanced turn from Colin Farrell. You should watch it.
  • Good Movie

    By Purple Butterfly59
    Denzel Washington never ceases to amaze me! This was a good movie, however, I give it a 3 star rating for the profanity. I got lost in some scenes and I was trying to figure out whether he was an Autistic Savant because Denzel was brilliant in this movie, but weird.
  • Don't Like Gilroy

    By brslc
    Not a good director
  • R z

    By Call giant
  • Amazing

    By luhdanick
    Had me in tears. 😭
  • Flawed Film but Denzel Shows Up Again

    By Felix Knowhere
    I enjoyed this film and thought Denzel’s performance was fantastic; it was very nuanced and insular. He plays a man who through external circumstances has to wrestle with his moral code it in the face of discouragement and a very broken legal system. It doesn’t quite have the punch that Michael Clayton did but it’s well worth a watch if only to appreciate Denzel’s Oscar-worthy performance.
  • Brilliant!

    By Fcalfo
    Brilliant writing, cinemetography, and acting! I was completely engrossed in the story from start to finish. One of Denzel's best. A very creative, delightful film to watch.
  • Very flat movie

    By Rambo8649
    The acting is excellent, but the movie is poorly written..its very flat and meaningless. I think there was a tremendous amount of potenial here, very unfortunate.
  • Ideals and Internal Conflict

    By matsonmw
    Those who judge this movie as lacking have no capacity for internal self-reflection or depth. The main character has lived a life full of principle and faces what his life is worth towards the end and doesn't understand or accept the outcome. Only through different choices and their consequences can he come to terms with the choices of his past, and through that, find meaning. It's a great movie for those with souls, but not for the shallow masses.